Excellent automation team

The team composed of project engineers, assistant engineers, electrical engineers and assembly engineers should deal with every case, no matter how big or small the case is, we will devote ourselves wholeheartedly and strive for the best solution with our utmost efforts.


Auto wiper riveting line

After the completion of the progressive mold, the big wing, the middle wing, the small wing automatic blanking automatic assembly, automatic rivet, automatic riveting, automatic rubber strip.The whole process only needs 2~3 people to operate, a single set of finished beat of 6 seconds.This line adopts ring layout multi-station joint operation, which is convenient to operate and maintain, and saves a lot of labor costs.


Auto seat riveting

Sheet metal and rivet manual feeding installation, special fixture clamping after automatic riveting.


Automatic riveting of brake pads

After the manual assembly of the muffler, a rivet is automatically riveted after hot and cold pressing.After the alarm piece is sorted by vibration plate, it is manually assembled. After the automatic riveting, the manipulator takes the conveyor belt.


Electric rear door riveting automatically

Electric tail door screw screw fixed by the fixture, automatic riveting.