Riveting process control system

TAGEER precision riveting machine isequipped with hp-60 riveting process control system, with closed-loop functionof position, pressure and time monitoring, and the riveting process can bereflected through the pressure curve, and data can be derived foranalysis.Comprehensive performance can be comparable to imported rivetingmachine.


Riveting automation   

    According to the production and process arrangement of users, our technical team can provide excellent automatic riveting solutions, such as automatic rivet placement and automatic assembly, to help users improve productivity, improve quality and reduce costs.We pursue high quality riveting and high efficiency production.As long as you are willing to cooperate with us, you will be pleasantly surprised.


High quality accessories

The length of rivet is not uniform, which determines the tightness of parts after riveting is not consistent.The hardness and coating of riveting rod determine the surface quality and service life of riveting rod.Table is committed to solving the core riveting technology, can provide high rivet, and high quality riveting rod (HRC68), combined with table precision riveting machine, can solve the problem of riveting once and for all.

  Company profile  

       Shanghai TAGEER Automatio equipment co., ltd.is a professional committed to the high precision pressure spin riveting machine, hydraulic riveting machine, fully automatic rotary riveting machine, multi-station spin riveting machine, non-standard automation equipment design, development, manufacturing, sales, technical services of high-tech enterprises.Our products are widely used in sheet metal manufacturing, instrument and meter, auto parts, bicycle industry, electronic machinery, sewing machines, chain, hardware tools and other industries of assembly pressure riveting riveting processing, etc.

      Our company worked with Shanghai Jiaotong University to developed the high-ened intelligent servo riveting machine and hp-60 riveting system jointly and can monitor the whole riveting process and make digital backup.At the same time, the company developed rivet height error compensation system, gas road environmental protection and energy saving system, and other national patents.

        TAGEER has a senior technical team, can tailor a variety of non-standard assembly equipment, non-standard testing equipment, to replace the manual machine, not only can effectively reduce the labor cost, but also can greatly improve product quality and production efficiency, which is a major trend of China's manufacturing industry in the future.

      Our company adhering to the "scientific innovation, keep improving" of the quality policy , "honesty first, customer is God," of the management idea, with ISO9001 system for process and quality control, integrate theory and practice, technology and market operation pattern, at the same time, cooperate with the national research council, in order to achieve the technological innovation, first-class products, perfect service, and the customer satisfaction.So as to ensure a sustainable business, enterprise and the customer base of reciprocity and mutual benefit.
      TAGEER focus on the automatic riveting industry.Choose us,we won't let you down。




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